Corporations are being disrupted by an unprecedented pace of innovation and startup activity

Venture Co-Development with 

Corporations and Entrepreneurs 



Innovative startups are disrupting traditional incumbents and industrial manufacturers. In order to remain globally competitive, major conglomerates must be prepared to invest in, and eventually acquire these innovative companies order to maintain and indeed grow their market share.

Intentional M&A

We pursue an ‘intentional M&A’ strategy even before a company is founded. Intentional M&A ensures that key decisions in the company’s development are made with an eye to eventual acquisition by a large corporate. Intentional M&A structures how we manage talent, intellectual property, business and pricing models, sales process, partnership structures, etc. Perhaps most importantly, intentional M&A affects how portfolio companies raise and deploy capital: rather than a high-burn, high-risk model that has become standard for venture-backed startups.


Rapid builds and drives the product or company development, and partners are integrated into the model as a valuable source of ideas, validation, funding, and routes to market. 

Our process is highly capital efficient and we control both external investment and the expectations of our founding teams to ensure that our portfolio companies are ready to acquired at defined valuations that are attractive to our corporate partners.

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